TRDPremium applies robust technical analysis software based on Autochartist solutions to scan the market and help traders in their decision-making. Authochartist is a tool used to recognize market patterns, emerging trends, and more, all this to help traders discover opportunities and make the best trades. The solution operates automatically, scanning markets round the clock to provide alerts in accordance with pre-defined criteria.

With Autochartist, traders can define the desired level of probability for a successful trade, and the tool will only send alerts for events with the corresponding parameters. It is important to note that this probability of success is determined based on historical data. Market reports and alerts can be delivered to your inbox, allowing you to execute trades directly from your email.

The solution also offers volatility analysis, showing the time of day when volatility is highest in certain markets, and helps identify the best instruments offering suitable risk levels. With this information, traders have better chances to profit by setting up the right levels for their transactions.

Thanks to Autochartist, you can improve your decision-making process to compliment your current strategy, and also save time by taking advantage of information about chart patterns without having to discover and monitor them by yourself. The solution helps traders discover new opportunities by sending alerts and offers quick installation as either a web application or a plugin for MetaTrader 5. It is also available in a choice of languages.

Please note that past performance is no indicator for future results.

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