Introducing Brokers

We have been operating in the Forex and CFDs markets for over 15 years and offer leveraged trading in the top financial markets around the world, as well as a comprehensive range of educational services to help our traders grow and reach their full potential.

We are welcoming IBs to join our growing family and offer attractive payouts and useful resources to help them in their work. We at TRDPremium appreciate the importance of IBs for our success and make sure that they are paid in full and in a timely manner for their services. We also offer features like Guardian Angel, Copykat Trader and various webinars.

We understand the needs of IBs and work with them to create a network operating all over the world, because we count on mutual support to achieve long-term success. We offer full marketing and business support to our IBs to help them achieve their own financial goals.

We offer other programs as well, including Affiliate marketing and Money Managers. Our affiliates are rewarded for directing online traffic to our resources and take advantage of a suite of media tools to use to maximise their performance. Money Managers and EA developers are welcome to offer their services using our money management tools.

Contact us today to discuss the details of our programs.

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