Money Manager

Forex Money Manager

TRDPremium Money Manager offers flexibility, customization, and attractive pricing to help you provide tailored solutions to your clients without unnecessary complexity. With our solution, you can achieve new levels of customer satisfaction while also making life easier for yourself.

All conditions in MAM/PAMM trading accounts are customizable, with access to competitive margins and excellent pricing to benefit both you and your clients, and an option for a mark-up-free account. To serve you in the best possible way, Money Manager can be customized to work in a way that best matches your business practices.

TRDPremium Money Manager allows access to all our trading products, with an option to customize client fees and control your commission. You can provide maximum access to products, deposits, and withdrawals for clients, while still keeping your trading strategy confidential. Your clients and you will also enjoy an extensive suite of analytical tools to help you in your trades.

Please contact us at [email protected] for further details on our offerings.

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