Safety Of Funds

TRDPremium aims to be a reliable service provider and a trusted firm for our clients to work with. To ensure the protection and correct use of funds, we keep segregated accounts, thus providing a clear delineation between our clients’ money and our own resources, ensuring that funds are always used according to their intended purpose. This way we also make sure that it will be easy to identify money belonging to clients in a highly unlikely unfortunate event with the company.

Client funds are always kept separately from those of TRDPremium, for reliable and problem-free trading.

To ensure the best protection for our clients’ money, we needed to find the best partner with a proven track record in the sector. This is why we turned to Barclays bank in the United Kingdom as one of the world’s leading banks with over 3 centuries of experience. Today, Barclays operates 200 branches all over the world servicing more than 48 million customers around the globe. Our segregated accounts are kept with Barclays to ensure the safety of our clients’ funds.

TRDPremiumgoes to great lengths to provide outstanding services and utmost protection to its clients and will never use client funds for its own operations or investments.

Investor Compensation Fund

The Investor Compensation Fund guarantees payment of compensation to the clients of an investment intermediary by the raised money in the Fund in the cases where the investment intermediary is not able to pay its liabilities to the client due to reasons directly linked to its financial situation. The Fund pays out compensation to every client of an investment intermediary up to 90% of the amount of the receivable.

Compensation shall not be paid to investment intermediaries or professional clients.

The amount of the compensation is determined by summing up all client’s receivables from the investment intermediary, irrespective of their number and of the place where they are set up. The compensation provided by the Fund does not depend on the citizenship or the origin of the investor as far as he is a client of an investment intermediary which is a participant in the Fund.

We have established these policies to ensure confident trading and to guarantee the highest level of transparency, security, and integrity in the execution of trades.

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